August 2011 / Competition: Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition

Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition: Glass Architecture in 2050
RE3 create: re-mediating / re-structuring / re-silient. Collaboration work with Troy Donovan, Sydney, Australia

“More and more, more is more” Rem Koolhass, in “Junk Space,” Content, 2002

Intelligent glass could radically change the way our children experience the future environment.
RE3 create takes advantage of the already existing building stock and its urban fabric.
RE3 create identifies the weak spots of existing buildings and remediates them making them more intelligent, energy efficient and fun. Industrial processing used for automotive glass can utilize rapid manufacturing techniques to produce highly customized parts.
RE3 create kit of part reacts to the particular site problems. They are deployed incremental, step-by step manner, like acupuncture that slowly remediates the built environment.

 “Glass can, and should be more than just facades”

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