May 2017 / Book: Chandigarh Rethink

Dongsei Kim's research and teaching on the DMZ, "Towards Edge Spaces of Productive Inclusivity: A Subversive Act" chapter was published in Chandigarh Re-think Transforming Ruralities & Edge(ness) in Global Urbanities (ORO Editions, 2017) edited by Manu P.Sobti. (ISBN: 978-1-939621-36-8)

Publisher's Overview of the Book

"CHANDIGARH RETHINK examines urban edge ‘figures’ and their rural ‘grounds’ - relevant not just to Chandigarh, but also to cities in general - while suggesting narrative strategies via provocative design studio design work. These introspections are framed within themed contributions from a globally recognized group of scholars who represent the diverse disciplines of architecture, planning, urban design, landscape ecologies and the humanities. As a topical publication on global urbanities transforming a ‘signature’ urban project, CHANDIGARH RETHINK anticipates the Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures (blc) program and SARUP’s efforts to uniquely aligning urban research, pedagogy and critical design practice towards examining global urbanities that continue to defy normative urban analysis. Beyond serving as an exemplar for globally aware architectural schools nationwide and beyond, it is also directed to serve as an instructive primer for design students and instructors examining global urban sites."

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