June 2009 / Competition: The 11th International Garden Festival

"Speaking Lawn" is a collaboration work with Heejoo Shi, NYC for the 11th International Garden Festival, Reford Gardens, Quebec, Canada. 

“Speaking Lawn” allow us to explore the notion of “Paradise” through the relationship between human and nature. In a society where lawn is omnipresent and the lively debate of carbon emission and climate change at the center, our speaking lawn sparks a conversation on our relationship to nature from a new perspective. We challenge the notion of lawns laid on horizontal surface and its relationship to the ground, we take it to be vertical, that which reveals and displays the amount of oxygen produced by plants and quantify them. These quantifications equates to our everyday human activities, such as running person, walking person, resting person, resting baby and running car. In addition to this, speakers reinforce these ideas by playing abstract sounds of lawn producing oxygen. Multiple layers of seeing, touching, hearing and facilitates visitors to experience the knowledge not just read them. Interactions with the Speaking Lawn not only enable the visitors’ active engagement, but also facilities the rethinking of the evolving human and nature’s relationship.


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