December 2014 / Feature: Abstract 2013-2014

Dongsei Kim co-instructed in Fall 2014 Columbia University GSAPP's Urban Design Sudio "URBAN/LIFE/SUPPORT" that was featured in Abstract 2013-2014 (ISBN-13: 978-1941332047).

"The Fall Urban Design Studio explored American Cities and their regions, accepting the premise that the practice of Urban Design is fundamentally interdisciplinary and collaborative. It is the result of a kinetic relationship between physical design, environmental considerations, public policy, culture and economy, which operate at scales that often exceed the limits of a specific site, city or region. The studio collectively examined the influence exerted by these various factors and the immense impact they have in contributing to the conditions of urban environment, including its public and private spaces, its programs and the perceived quality-of-life for its communities. Examining the relationship between health and the built environment, the students were charged to creatively explore, interpret, expand and challenge the definition of ‘health’ in how it relates to cities and to their ‘competitive advantages.’ Following an analysis of national cities, the ‘Urban|Life|Support’ studio embarked on a semester to collectively explore the available ‘resources and exchanges’ within, around and between two primary urban sites: New Rochelle in Westchester County and East Harlem in New York City. By considering key actors and their specific interests, students engaged in the social, political, environmental, economic and physical forces acting upon the sites, identifying opportunities for design interventions, treatments and prevention strategies to ensure a dynamic and healthy future for the region." 


Coordinators: Skye Duncan + Justin G. Moore

Embedded Critics: Lee Altman, Danielle Choi, Alison Duncan, Dongsei Kim, Christopher Kroner + Sandro Marpillero, core faculty, Nadereh Nouhi (Economic Development) + Guilherme Lassance (GSAPP Visiting Scholar)

Site Partner: City of New Rochelle, Department of Development

Research Fellows: Ankita Chachra, Ryan Jacobson + Kristina Ricco

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