November 2014 / Journal: Inflection

Dongsei Kim's “Imagining the Impossible: Reflecting on Moments in Flux article was published in the inaugural issue of Inflection: Journal of the Melbourne School of Design.

Editor's Introduction to the Article

"At pivotal moments of change the boundaries of conventions can be interrogated and re-written. In his piece on the Korean Demilitarized Zone, Dongsei Kim urges us to question the nature of national boundaries by redrawing and distorting maps…"

Introduction from the Editors

"What is Inflection? On a prosaic level, Inflection is the new student-run journal of architecture and the built environment from the Melbourne School of Design and published by AADR – Art Architecture Design Research. Inflection is a themed journal, to be published annually and features work from students, academics and practitioners. Crucially, Inflection is also a physical object – an artefact to be touched, handled and read in depth. At a time when our engagement with architectural ideas is increasingly digital and transient, Inflection offers a different, slower form of discourse and in doing so, hopes to facilitate and engage in conversations about the built environment both locally and internationally. In this issue, the word ’inflection‘ serves as our point of departure. The authors featured here enter into conversations on edge conditions, ambiguous boundaries and the role and nature of transitions. Individually, the pieces collected here stand as insightful variations on a theme. Taken together, they form something much richer: a constellation of ideas to be parsed, discussed, compared and expanded upon." 


Kim, Dongsei. 2014. “Imagining the Impossible: Reflecting on Moments in Flux.” Inflection: Journal of the Melbourne School of Design. Vol. 01: 112-114. November. (ISBN 978-3-88778-427-0)

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