June 2014 / Project: A Construct the Koreas (Never) Made Together: Deconstructing the DMZ for the Imaginary

Dongsei Kim's research animation on the DMZ titled "A Construct The Koreas (Never) Made Together Deconstructing the DMZ For The Imaginary" assisted by NJ Namju Lee and Eleni Gianpapa was invited to be exhibited at the Korea Pavilion at  the 14th International Architecture Exhibition — la Biennale di Venezia curated by Rem Koolhaas. The work was part of the Korea Pavilion's exhibition Crow’s Eye View: The Korean Peninsula curated by Minsuk Cho, Hyungmin Pai, and Changmo Ahn with deputy Curator Jihoi Lee. The pavilion was awarded the Golden Lion for the best national pavilion.

A Construct The Koreas (Never) Made Together: Deconstructing the DMZ For The Imaginary

By Dongsei Kim. Assisted by Namju Lee and Eleni Gianpapa. 2014.
Music by Johnny Ripper, “In a dream” (02:46) from “soundtrack for a film that doesn't exist."
Special thanks to: Namju Lee, Eleni Gianpapa, and Sandro Marpillero for their support in producing this work. 


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