July 24, 2015 / Symposium: Border Thinking/Thinking About Borders

Institute of Postcolonial Studies (IPCS), MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

Dongsei Kim presented his ongoing research "Imagining Post-National Spaces: Crossing Nation-State Borders In Expositions" in the Border Thinking/Thinking About Borders Symposium at the Institute of Postcolonial Studies (IPCS) organized by Anoma Pieris, The University of Melbourne.


Daniel Goh, The Meaning of Non-Places: The Cultural Politics of Redeveloping the Old Kai Tak Airport Site in Hong Kong

Session 01
Sean Anderson and Jennifer Ferng, Border Territories: Enacting Excision on Pacific Islands 
Anoma Pieris, In defence of civility: Manzanar, incarceration and the urban grid
Mirjana Ristic, Gated City: the politics of mobility in Melilla’s border-space
Alex Selenitsch, Liminal Subliminal: thinking through spatial images

Session 02
Dongsei Kim, Imagining Post-National Spaces: Crossing Nation-State Borders In Expositions  
Alison Starr, Far From Home: enemy remains on foreign soil
Natsuko Akagawa, Where do we draw a line? Heritage, identity and place

Session 03
Renee Miller-Yeaman, Short-term Homes: The Maribyrnong Immigrant Detention Centre and Migrant Hostel in Melbourne
Lukas Paur, Empty Shell Potentials: On Performative Borders and Models of Human Governance in the South China Sea
Manu Sobti, The Historical Space of Palimpsest - Desert, Border, Riparian and Steppe

Creative Works Workshop run by Alex Selenitsch   


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