October 16, 2015 / Talk: REAL DMZ PROJECT 2015 Curator & Artist Talk

Art Sonje Center, SEOUL, KOREA

Dongsei Kim with Soyoung Chung participated in the Curator & Artist Talk as part of the REAL DMZ PROJECT 2015 at Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea.

Event Description from Art Sonje Center

"Art Sonje Center presents a two-part Curator & Artist Talk in conjunction with the REAL DMZ PROJECT 2015 exhibition. Each talk will begin with an exhibition tour guided by the participating artists and curators, who will then also share stories about their works’ pre-production and post-production. Addressing not only the REAL DMZ PROJECT 2015 currently on view at Art Sonje Center, but also the REAL DMZ PROJECT 2015: Lived Time of Dongsong exhibition, which took place last August in Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do, the curators and the artists will discuss how they view the DMZ and how their perspectives are represented in their works. Talk Part 1 will be presented on October 16th (Friday), and Part 2 on October 30th (Friday)." 

Participating Artists

Bae Minkyung, Yongjoo Cho, Soyoung Chung + Dongsei Kim, Chung Wonyeon, Heo Su Bin, Hong Yoo-Kyung, Kang Hyunah, Kim Hyunjoo, ps jinjoo kim, Kim Jipyeong, Kim Kyoung-Ho, Rayeon Kim, Kim So Young + Shim Bo Seon, Lee Jae Ho, Jaewoo Oh, Yumi Park, Yoo Mokyon with moderators Nam-See Kim and Hyejin Lim


Hosted by Art Sonje Center and the REAL DMZ PROJECT Committee
Organized by Samuso
Supported by Seoul Metropolitan Government, Gangwon-do, Arts Council Korea, Gangwon Art & Culture Foundation, Cheorwon County, IASPIS, and Institut Français

Photo credit: Samuso, Art Sonje Center


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