November 17, 2023 / Book Talk: Tiki-Taka: Ways of Seeing Beyond Architecture with Design 

Korea Society, NEW YORK, NY, USA

Dongsei Kim organized and participated in the "Tiki-Taka: Ways of Seeing Beyond Architecture with Design" at The Korea Society

- Event Description -

Join us for this thought-provoking exploration of how both global and local emerging issues can be deconstructed, explored, challenged, and recontextualized through the distinct lenses of architecture and design. Drawing from their recent publications the architects and educators Dongsei Kim, Drawing Hwa-Chaeng: Mapping Contested Territories, and Dongwoo Yim, Accessories, examine the contemporary practice of architecture and design in Korea, emphasizing its socio-political impact. New York based curator and designer Jean Im will moderate the talk. 

The conversation is rooted in the mission and framework of the Tiki-Taka* Collective, initiated by the speakers in partnership with the Bureau of Architecture, Research & Environment (BARE, Seoul, Korea) and E Roon Kang (San Francisco, USA). The speakers share their unique methodologies and reflect on their firsthand experiences navigating increasingly globally dispersed multidisciplinary collaborations. 

Two signed copies of Drawing Hwa-Chaeng and Accessories will be raffled to participants joining in-person. Both books will be offered for sale as well. This event is co-sponsored by the Korean Studies University Seminar at Columbia University. 

* The term "Tiki-taka" draws inspiration from the Spanish style of football play characterized by swift, short passing and strategic ball movement. In this context, it is aptly employed to describe the informal yet impactful process of exchanging ideas among one another—a metaphorical passing of thoughts—enriched through a series of dialogues aimed at refining emerging concepts.

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